One of our latest sausage experiments is a Gyro Sausage, a mixture of pork, lamb, and the sorts of spices you’ll find only in the finest of sidewalk cart-based establishments. They’re enjoyable enough on their own, but we figured they’d be best with all the proper gyro fixings.  Here’s what we did to test our theory, and we recommend that you do the same:

First, we lightly poached the sausages in a little water and then split and grilled them in a very hot cast-iron pan:

Grilled Gyro Sausage

We sliced up some cucumber and tomato:


And we threw everything onto warm pita bread with a dollop or two of yogurt and tzatziki:



We’re making some final adjustments to the Gyro Sausage recipe, but it’ll be ready any day now — so keep an eye on the sausage section of our shop. OPA!