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Breakfast Sausage


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Plump, porky, and flavorful enough to keep pace with your maple syrup, gravy, or grits. Not overly aromatic, either. It’s the definitive breakfast sausage.

If you’re serving these straight up, its best to poach them gently in water for a few minutes before browning them in oil or butter.  Flavored with sage, pepper and brown sugar, they’re also great for sausage stuffing, biscuit sandwiches or mixed into home fries.

Ingredients list: Pork, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Sage, Water

Note on weights and prices: As in a traditional butcher shop, we ask you to let us know about how much you need by choosing a weight range above. Your actual cost will be at or below the price displayed. Sausages are generally 4 links to a pack, and weigh in just under 1 lb. per pack. Here’s why we do this.

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