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You might find more than one kind of short ribs in our vending machines. Don’t let the names confuse you. They’re all delicious and should be cooked in different ways. Here’s a cheat sheet.
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A sharp knife is a must for butchers and home cooks alike, and it mostly comes down to regular honing. Here’s how to hone, how to sharpen, and what kind of knife to buy if you’re in the market for a new one.
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Though it may sometimes seem otherwise – especially in the middle of outdoor grilling season — there’s so much more to beef than steaks. There’s brisket and bones and roasts and the most wonderful braiseable cuts, to name a few things. Here’s how to cook it all.
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To Our Accord Customers:

We have closed our store in Accord to make way for a new Applestone space. (Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about our upcoming plans as information becomes available. )

Not to fear, our Stone Ridge home base is open 24 hours a day and is just a quick 10 minute drive up the road. And remember, you can always call ahead or order online for pickup!