Monthly Archives March 2019

As the weather warms and the snow melts, our appetites thaw, too. But we’re still weeks from seasonal local spring vegetables at farmers’ markets. The way to bridge the gap between mud season and asparagus season is to cook pork. It’s an early spring fever hack and it works — trust us.
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Maple water AKA maple sap is having a trendy moment (though people have been drinking it for centuries). If you live near maple trees, tap them and try cooking in the water to impart subtle sweetness to stews and braises. If you want sticky sweet flavor, use maple syrup.
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We will be stocking our machines throughout the week with fresh beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.

Safe shopping guidelines: Only (2) people should enter the store at a time, as our space is small. Use the tape markers on the floor to determine 6 feet of distance from one another. Learn more about our COVID-19 response and check @applestonemeat on Instagram for more frequent updates.