We weigh and pack every one of your orders individually, just as if you had ordered it in person at a traditional butcher shop.

And like butchers at a traditional shop, we really don’t know exactly what a cut of meat is going to cost until we weigh it — a “one-pound” pork chop can be 15 ounces or 16 ounces, depending on the day. (Every animal is different, so even the exact same cuts from different animals are going to vary a bit in size, density, and moisture content.)

So, when you submit your order through our Web site, we’re giving you our best guess of what it’s going to cost, and you’re agreeing to pay that amount.

But we don’t charge your credit card until we actually weigh and pack your order.

In most cases, your order will cost less than our estimate.  If for some reason it looks like your order is going to cost more, we will not charge your card until we speak to you.