We know a lot of people are currently being challenged to cook with whatever they have on hand in their fridges and cabinets. We’re all trying to stretch what we’ve got — getting creative to make a steak or chop you’d usually make to feed two people now feed four or more. Some of us are even trying to learn to cook unusual cuts and new recipes. If you have questions or need advice, especially when it comes to cooking meat, we are here for you! Share your questions with us and we’ll get right on answering them. Just fill out this questionnaire or visit us on Instagram (@applestonemeat) and ask for advice there. We’re sure other people will have similar questions to yours, so we’ll be sharing your queries plus our responses — recipes and general advice — with the Applestone community at large in the days and weeks ahead.

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite recipes and techniques from our blog archives to get you started. Below we’re also sharing some of our favorite online resources where experts are answering questions. We’ll be updating this post frequently, so make sure to check back. 

Hang in there!


Cook the Perfect Steak

This is our go-to method for steaks, chops, and more. 

How to Cook Frozen Meat

If you have something you want to eat in your freezer, you can make it without defrosting. Truly. Josh Applestone does it all the time. Here’s how.

How to Braise Meat

If you’re not the sort of person who usually has many hours to cook meat low and slow, maybe you’re not as familiar with braising as you’d like to be. This post includes everything you ever wanted to know about braising — how to do it, what to braise, and more. 

Quick and Easy Lamb Meatballs

Got some ground meat in your freezer? This meatball recipe is a Jessica Applestone favorite, and comes from our book, The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat. If you only have ground beef instead of lamb, just substitute. If you’re using ground pork, adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Brining 101

A lot of home cooks skip this step because it can be time consuming. Now that you have the time, learn (or remind yourself) how to brine and keep your meat moist. 

A Guide to Roasting Beef

Maybe you already make a weekly Sunday roast, or maybe you’ve been meaning to start. Here’s our guide to roasting beef, dry as well as wet. 


LA Times

The newspaper has launched a new series with cooking columnist Ben Mims and cooking Editor Genevieve Ko called How to Boil Water. They share essential kitchen skills and make meals easy for home cooks. It involves articles as well as interactive tutorials on Instagram live where you can learn how to make rice or saute onions. It’s great for newcomers and a solid reminder for those of us who think we already know everything. 


If you want recipe-substitution advice, a pantry cooking assist, cleaning and home organizing help, or ideas for simple meals kids will enjoy, Food52 is fielding text questions. Just text 917-540-5370 and a Food52 team member will get back to you ASAP.

New York Times

Missing Ingredients? Ask New York Times cooking experts for substitution advice. They’re building a list of tips on how to get creative with ingredients you already have. Just tell them what you need help with in your kitchen. 

Applestone in the Kitchen

For non-essential workers doing the critical work of staying at home to flatten the curve of Covid-19, we launched a new recipe series: Applestone in the Kitchen. We’re explaining how to make meat with any pantry staples you likely have on hand, and are delving into projects you might now have time to try. Check it out.