In our Stone Ridge shop, we typically keep bones in our retail freezer, not in our vending machines. This means that when you come in to shop for bones, we get a chance to chat with you. Some of you know which bones you want and exactly what you’ll do with them (the current bone broth craze is real and shows no signs of dying down!). But we also answer a fair amount of questions re how to use bones, in which recipes, and why. Specifically we get a lot of questions about pork neck bones.

We love pork neck bones because they’re inexpensive, easy to work into a number of dishes, and full of flavor. They also have a small amount meat on them, which can fall off the bone after a few hours of cooking and add a special something to whatever dish you’re making. Try this with a pot of beans and you’ll know exactly what we mean.  If you have a slow cooker, they do very well in there. Or they cook equally well on the stove top or in the oven. Here are five great ways to use pork neck bones.


If you haven’t yet tried pork neck bones in your favorite tomato-based spaghetti sauce aka gravy, you’re in for a treat. Recipe: Saveur


Josh Applestone’s preferred way to make pork neck bones is to boil, then bake, then cover with sauce and eat.


Put aside many hours to make creamy and delicious tonkotsu broth for your ramen. Recipe: Serious Eats 


Gravy and rice is filling and cheap—think of it as the South’s answer to mac n cheese. Recipe: Food52 


This spicy Korean pork neck bone soup is made with potatoes and napa cabbage. The bones are blanched and washed to make for a clear broth. Recipe: