There’s just something about a tied roast for a special occasion, including holidays, New Year’s Eve, or a milestone birthday. But not everyone knows how to tie a roast or feels comfortable tying a roast.

When it comes to tying — yes, twine is oddly alluring — you can call us, place a custom order, and ask us to tie it for you. Or, if you’re game, you can even tie your own. Truly you can do it. If you know how to tie your shoes, you can tie a roast. That said, it will probably be prettier if you ask us to tie a roast for you.

But the point of tying a roast is not beauty. It’s to create even density so the meat cooks consistently and is easier to handle. When it’s done right, all the parts cook (more or less) evenly. Which is exactly what you want. It does not matter what it looks like.

These instructions on how to tie a roast are from page 94 of The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat. We have copies on hand to look through or (signed ones) to buy at the Stone Ridge shop.