Sometimes we get tagged in people’s photos on Instagram. We love to see what you all are making with our meat so that red notification dot is always a happy one. Recently we got tagged in a gorgeous picture of pork shoulder with oranges. A slideshow, no less, with before and after shots. We work with pork shoulder all day long and even so these pictures made us want to start cooking right away. Then we clicked through and realized this was no ordinary pork shoulder. It was Julia Turshen’s pork shoulder. Yeah, that Julia Turshen — author of Small Victories and Feed the Resistance. Pretty awesome. We asked her if we could reprint her Instagram photo and recipe. And she said yes. So here’s Julia Turshen’s pork shoulder.

It could not be simpler — or more flavorful.

Step one: Cut a pork shoulder aka Boston Butt into pieces and place into a ovenproof pot with a cover.

Step two: Put an orange, a jalapeño, about 6 crushed garlic cloves, a splash of water, and lots of salt in the pot.

Step three: Cook in a 275 oven for 5 hours.

That’s it. Do this with more pork if you’re feeding a crowd, less pork if you’re not.

Kind of makes you want to try out all of the recipes in her books, no? She also writes a fair amount for The Washington Post, too, among other publications. This pot roast looks super tempting.

If you’ve done something tasty with our meat, please tag us on social. We’d be delighted to share it here. Bonus points if it’s outrageously simple, the kind of thing anyone could cook. What’s better than that?