If you’re a lamb fan and you haven’t tried a lamb sirloin steak, you’re in for a treat. There’s nothing like them. We cut them from the sirloin, hence the name. They’re delicate, which makes for quicker prep and cook time than a traditional sirloin roast. They’re also small, which means they’re great if you’re cooking for two—or even one. If you want a sirloin roast, that’s a special order.

Lamb sirloin steak cooks quickly, which means you can have one as a mid-week treat or a last minute meal. They’re pretty easy to cook. We tend to just season with salt and use our perfect steak recipe — just sear both sides on your stovetop and then transfer the pan to a very low oven. (Jessica Applestone has been known to sear one in a pan and eat it for breakfast, sliced thin on top of sautéed Asian cabbage and covered with tzatziki.)


If you want more specific instructions, you can follow a recipe. While there are many recipes for sirloin roasts, there are less for lamb sirloin steaks. We dug around and found three recipes for sirloin steaks that sound tempting – all grilled. You can use a meat thermometer to make sure not to overcook the lamb. It can happen quickly.

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This recipe for grilled lamb sirloin with Greek salad calls for 8-ounce lamb sirloins, butterflied.


These steaks are also grilled – this time the recipe calls for 1 pound steaks – and then served with salsa verde.


We’re big fans of pairing lamb with rosemary. And this recipe calls for both rosemary butter and chargrilled broccoli with grilled sirloin steaks. If you’re interested in other herbs that pair well with lamb, check out this Serious Eats article.

How do you cook your lamb sirloin steak?