We love the Hudson Valley for so many reasons. One big plus? The great and innovative food stuff going on all around us. This holiday season, we’re shopping exclusively local. Here are 15 great gift ideas, listed in no particular order, that we hope will inspire you to do the same.

  1. Warren Kitchen & Cutlery Across the bridge from us in Rhinebeck, this fantastic shop fills all kitchen desires — be it a cast iron pan to help you master your perfect steak, knives, or even a cooking class.
  2. Coppersea Distilling  What’s not to love about a farm-to-glass distillery right in New Paltz? Meet us at the tasting room for bourbon, rye, and more.
  3. Taliaferro Farms CSA The Applestones and the Taliaferros go way back. We can’t think of a better gift than a 2018 share in their magical organic farm in New Paltz.
  4. Arrowood Farms Head to Accord for the organic honey and beer lovers (all brewed on site, powered by the sun) on your list. Rumor has it they’re opening in New Paltz soon. Can’t wait!
  5. Westwind Orchard They’re closed for the season, so, sadly, no pizza for you — but you can still give the gift (box) of their perfect raspberry jam, maple syrup, and chocolate.
  6. Bjorn Corn The best stocking stuffer, even if you have no stocking! This vegan homegrown GMO-free corn, popped mainly in solar kettles on Kelder’s Farm, is majorly addictive.
  7. Bread Alone A gift certificate to any Bread Alone location is a gift that keeps on giving. Their organic bread is truly the staff of local life, plus those baked goods — and coffee for days!
  8. Sawkill Farm Of course butchers are going to like soaps made from leaf lard and beef tallow. And these ones are truly special — natural, local, with no preservatives or artificial anything.
  9. Accord Feeds & Needs If you’re like us, your pets get as many presents as (if not more than) the humans in your life. You’ll find everything your furry family desires here.
  10. Baron’s International Kitchen Hudson Valley hot sauce lovers deserve a Baron’s gift set. There are also delicious marinades, dipping sauces, and relishes. All go well with meat, just saying.
  11. Homegrown Who doesn’t love flowers? During growing season, the arrangements are all farm grown in Stone Ridge. In winter, they hand select from growers and reputable wholesalers.
  12. Feder Knives We’re all about inexpensive knives kept well. But these custom (inexpensive for custom!) knives made by Peekskill-based sculptor Geoff Feder are splurge-worthy art.
  13. Quercus Cooperage Here’s what you get the person who has every food gadget humanly possible: a rake, a masher, a muddler, and/or a barrel to age cocktails in a home bar.
  14. Applestone Meat Company Give the gift of meat! We also have gift certificates, signed copies of The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat, plus our 24/7 machines are open last minute.
  15. Ice For real. Why? Because it keeps meat cold. Pick some up at the Stone Ridge Mobil next door to us. They’re open pretty late in case you’re hitting the vending machines late night.

Let us know if we missed a local spot you love.