If you’re celebrating Passover or Easter — or both — this year, it’s just not going to be your traditional holiday meal. And that’s…okay. The point of either holiday has never actually been the brisket! So whether you’re breaking bread virtually via video conference or you’re physically sharing a table while self-isolating with family members, here are a few ideas of what to make this unprecedented holiday season when none of us have access to ingredients we’re all used to having. Whatever holiday your crew is observing, consider taking a pause at 7 pm to join the #clapbecausewecare movement for the first responders and medical workers keeping us all safe right now. 

Untraditional Easter and Passover Ideas 

Ground Meat

This Syrian Passover meatball soup recipe calls for ground lamb and ground beef and has a fantastic backstory. If you’re looking for further inspiration, the site it comes from, The Jewish Food Society, is bookmark-bar worthy. 

Whole Chicken, Whole Chicken, Whole Chicken

Comforting, celebratory, and filling, whole chicken is always a good choice no matter the occasion. Grilled, roasted, spatchcocked, it’s all delicious. Also, it’s a gift that keeps on giving because you can make chicken stock with the carcasses. We love it for Thanksgiving, so why not enjoy one for Passover or Easter? 

Lamb Shanks

We love lamb. Legs, shoulders, chops, we adore it all. But if our staff had to play favorites, the unanimous choice would be lamb shanks. Here’s a little secret about shanks: since most people don’t rely on them for the holidays, we tend to have them in the vending machines when other cuts have already sold out. Our recipe for braised lamb shanks is an instant classic. Give it a try. 

Pot Roast

A pot roast is a thing of beauty. And while we often run out of brisket in the vending machines, even when it’s not Easter or Passover, we frequently still have equally flavorful roasts. Our favorite pot roast recipe calls for bottom round roast and it’s ridiculously delicious.