Sausage R&D is one of the best parts of our jobs. At the moment in our vending machines you might find up to eleven different flavors of sausage. Try them one, try them all. Here’s how we like to use them.

Hot Italian Sausage These pork sausages are just what you expect thanks to fennel, but they’re also a little bit more, thanks to coriander, white pepper and red wine. Remove them from their casings to make the meatballs of your dreams. In colder months, make them into soup with kale and white beans.

Sweet Italian Sausage These are made to be sliced over a pizza. So buy or make some dough and get to it. Or try this New York Times recipe for spaghetti with sausage alla carbonara.

Breakfast Sausage You know how you sometimes have a craving that just won’t go away. These hit that spot. Pan fry them and serve breakfast for dinner. They’re just the thing in an egg sandwich or dipped in leftover pancake syrup.

Chocolate Chorizo It’s the full flavor combination of cacao nibs, chipotle, cumin, and coriander in these that make them extra special. Tuck some in a flour or corn tortilla for an unexpected taco.

Summer Sausage We make these with lamb, beef, tomato, feta cheese, and mint. Put them on warm bread for a perfect sandwich.

Gyro Sausage Don’t fix what isn’t broke and use these classically flavored lamb and beef sausages in a pita. Tzatziki optional.

In A Curry These pork sausages with bold seasoning take a traditional potato and cauliflower curry over the top.

Parm & Parsley Sausage Your hero sandwich just got better and we think it has something to do with the lemon zest we add to these. If you have fried peppers and onions, add them and you won’t be sorry.

Andouille Pork sausages with sage and bay leaf that are just spicy enough for gumbo.

Chorizo Our pork sausages with paprika and cayenne beg to be paired with potatoes, as in this Saveur recipe.

Savory Griller Grill these lamb, beef, and pecorino romano sausages and serve them with orzo or rice.