The Applestone Meat Co.


This is a full-time position trimming meat, packaging, labeling, and assisting with other production tasks in our meat processing facility. You’ll be working with our small production crew to maximize efficiency, organization, and output of trimmed meat and fat to be used for sausages, hot dogs, pet food, etc. You will be asked to follow our system of trimming and sorting meat for different purposes, and you will be trained on this system. You’ll also be regularly working in our packaging and labeling station, safely and efficiently operating industrial machinery to package each product according to the company guidelines for aesthetic standards and safety. As well as using our inventory management program to properly identify, weigh, and label each product for sale or for further production within the facility. This position may entail cross-training across all company departments to increase your job and product knowledge. These departments/jobs include but are not limited to, carcass breaking, further processing, and sanitation. Occasionally, you may be asked to work these other jobs to further your job knowledge or to accommodate a staffing need.

  • Type: Production, Meat Trimming, Butchering
  • Schedule: Full-time, Monday-Friday from 6:30 am-3:30 pm, average 40 hour work week, no overnights
  • Location: Stone Ridge, NY


  • 45% Employee Discount
  • 7 days of PTO after 3 months
  • 8 annual paid holidays
  • Health insurance plans available
  • After 3 months full-time, $200 contribution to health insurance premium 


  • Receive raw meats and ensure proper handling and storage 
  • Cut, trim, and sort raw meats following company protocols
  • Maintain adequate production volumes to meet customer demand
  • Operate industrial machinery to package each product according to the company guidelines for aesthetic standards and safety
  • Utilize inventory management programs to properly identify, weigh and label each product for sale or for further production within the facility, according to established company standards 
  • Utilize inventory and computer systems as required in order to maintain traceability
  • Sort and organize inventory in accordance with company protocols
  • Maintain trash volumes and organize waste during production in accordance with protocols
  • Communicate with co-workers and management to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Maintain personal hygiene and food safety standards in accordance with protocols
  • Adhere to workplace safety and quality control standards when operating within the facility
  • Identify and report potential quality control issues to production managers
  • Use sharp knives, tools and machinery responsibly
  • Train in all aspects of all departments to gain important knowledge about the company’s operations as a whole
  • Occasionally substitute within other departments in the company as needed 


  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Acute observational abilities
  • A steady hand and attention to detail
  • Solid, consistent work ethic
  • Hygienic, aware of food safety and sanitation
  • Equally motivated by working alone or within a team
  • Preferably you have experience with handling knives and machinery in food situations
  • Willing to work early mornings.
  • Punctual and reliable. 
  • You will be expected to share your work environment with meat and carcasses, so you are not squeamish. 
  • You practice social distancing in your personal life, you wear a face covering when in public places. You limit your traveling and visits to public places, to ensure a lower risk of exposure to COVID-19. You practice regular cleaning and sanitation of your hands and commonly touched surfaces. 


Full range of mobility required, as well as the ability to lift heavy items. Must be able to work on your feet for long hours in cold environments. Dexterity, stamina, and the ability to safely and efficiently utilize knives, other sharp tools, and heavy machinery are all required.

We are willing to train the right person and invest in your understanding of food safety systems. 

Applestone requires employees to wear face coverings/masks at all times on Applestone property, excluding meal times.

All interviews will take place via video call. Candidates who are approved during the interview process will be asked to come in for a 3-5 day paid trial. Prior to the trial, candidates will be required to obtain a COVID-19 test and provide proof of a negative result. 

Please send an updated resume and cover letter to:

Call us at (845) 626-4444 for more information

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