Do you have a retail store?

We have two stores, but they’re not quite traditional. You can get meat at either of our locations 24/7 thanks to our vending machines, and you can also place orders for pickup by phone, e-mail, or through our Web site. If you want to chat with a lovely humans in person, stop by our Stone Ridge location between 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. any day of the week. We’re here and ready to help.

Can I just walk right in?

Of course! There are two doors at our facility in Accord. The door on the left-hand side of the bear statue will lead you to our vending machines. The door on the right will lead you to our walk-in & pick-up area. Walk right in there, peruse our menu and other reading materials, and wait for one of our lovely staff members to come help you.

Why vending machines?

We believe that eating well is an inherent right, not a privilege. In choosing a twenty-four hour, fully accessible system, we invite everyone to participate in a movement towards sustainable, delicious eating.

What’s in the vending machines?

The vending machines are filled with fresh cuts of raw meat, as well as a plethora of other products made in-house. On any given day you might find hot dogs, ground meat, or one of our many varieties of fresh sausage. Everything in the machines is always fresh, never frozen.

Talk about your prices.

Our product is the best you can get. Not just because it’s raised locally and ethically (without hormones or antibiotics) but because of the incredible flavor. There’s nothing like it. That being said, it’s important to use that our prices are affordable. By investing in vending and processing technologies, we’re able to keep our costs lower all-around. Compare our ground beef to other locally sourced ground beef and you’ll find that we keep our baseline economical.

How can I order for pickup?

Place your order by telephone or on our website. You can pick-up during the week between 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. (Monday through Friday) at our location in Accord:

Applestone Meat Company
4737 US-209, Accord, NY 12404
Call Ahead to Arrange Pickup
(Directions to Applestone Meat Co.)

Where does your meat come from?

Where does your meat come from?

Our meat come from regional farms that raise animals without added hormones or antibiotics. We have relationships with our suppliers and maintain a thorough understanding of their practices. We choose our sources based on both ethics and the superb quality of the meat.

Do you cut your own meat?

Yes! Behind that fancy facade, we’re old school, run-of-the-mill butchers. We live by a nose-to-tail philosophy, which means we bring in whole animals and use all of their parts. The carving happens in a refrigerated workroom to the sounds of a questionable 80’s playlist.

Is your meat fresh or frozen?

Everything in our vending machines is fresh. We do, however, keep some frozen stock on-hand, which is especially nice for folks who stop in during long journeys. We’ll pack your meat up in one of our insulated travel bags, and you’ll be on your merry way.

What’s the deal with “uncured”?

You may have noticed that our smoked products – hot dogs, bacon, etc.- are labeled “uncured”. This is kind of a funny statement because these products actually ARE cured– they’re just not cured with traditional pink salt. Instead, we cure all of our products with vegetable powders, like celery or swiss chard powder.

Don’t worry, veggie haters, you’d never know the difference. We dare you to try our hot dogs, you’ll never go back.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do. We’re currently expanding our product line to include a lot of really solid offerings, like uncured bacon, pastrami, snack sticks and jerky. Call (845)-626-4444 for more information.

Are you a USDA-inspected facility?

Why yes, we are, thanks for asking! Every day we have a lovely inspector that comes to visit us, to make sure all of our practices are food-safe and in accordance with regulation. That sweet USDA seal of approval means that your product has been inspected and approved by the dang old U.S. government.

Do you offer co-packing services?

We open our doors for processing to a select number of purveyors. Because we spend a lot of time producing our own retail and wholesale lines, we can’t take on too many jobs in this department. Alas, we love supporting local farmers, so we work with a handful of them to create beautiful, no-waste, value-added products.

Do you deliver to New York City?

We do not currently have delivery services.

How do I order online?

Start by perusing our web store for the delicious meat that your heart desires. Add products to your cart, proceed to check-out, and process your order. Once your order is placed, we’ll contact you to arrange pick-up.

Why do you quote an “estimated price” when I order online?

In a traditional butcher shop, customers know the basic prices for different cuts of meat but don’t know exactly what they’re going to pay until the butcher weighs their order.  Our Web shop operates in a similar way — you’ll see the per-pound cost of all our products, but we really don’t know how much your order will cost until we weigh the actual cuts. We base the estimated price on our best guess, but we don’t charge your credit card until we’ve packed your order.

In almost every case, of course, your actual cost will be the same or less than the estimated price.

Wait, so when do you actually charge my credit card?

When you place an order on our Web site, you agree to pay an estimated amount for what we expect the order to cost.  We authorize your credit card for that amount, but we do not charge your card until we pack your order. After we pack your order, we will charge your card and you will receive a notification with the final cost.

Will you ever charge me more than the estimated price?

Not without talking to you first.  If the cuts you order weigh in at a higher price than the estimate, even by a penny, we will get in touch to confirm or modify the order. We won’t charge your card or process your order until we’ve discussed it.

About Us

At the Applestone Meat Company, we take a simple approach to keeping good meat accessible and affordable:

— First, we source incredible beef, lamb and pork from local suppliers who don’t use hormones or antibiotics.

— Our butchers use sustainable practices (whole animal, nose-to-tail butchery!) and alternative methods for creating products (curing with vegetable powder instead of pink salt!).

— We stock our vending machines with fresh meat every single day.

— Both of our locations are open 24/7.

— Delightful customer service people are at our Stone Ridge location from 11-6 every day.

About Our Founder

Joshua Applestone is an experienced butcher who opened one of the first butcher shops in America to focus on sustainably raised meat with his wife, Jessica, in 2004. Since then, he has become a leader in the field, offering consulting and teaching services, publishing “The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat,” and serving as mentor to many next-generation butchers.