The Applestone Way

As pioneers of the sustainable meat movement, Joshua & Jessica Applestone have helped establish the food industry's definition of a well-raised animal. At The Applestone Meat Company, our intention is to implement an effective means by which to address issues within current, local food systems, and which will allow for lower cost on high-quality product. We’ve specifically designed our operation to help local farmers process, market and sell their meat more profitably and predictably -- continuing a commitment we made years ago when we first got into this business.


Joshua Applestone is an intuitive and experienced butcher who benefited from a steep learning curve when he opened one of the first butcher shops in America to focus on sustainably raised meat with his wife, Jessica, in 2004. Since then, he has become a leader in the field, offering consulting and teaching services, and serving as mentor to many next-generation butchers. Fueled by a true love for his job, Josh continues to work with one ear to the ground, always seeking to expand his vast understanding of well-raised animals & healthy food systems. He continues to seek inventive and solution-oriented ways to approach the subject of meat.


Jessica Applestone is a thorough and passionate researcher, whose initial desire for a good steak sparked a global demand for localized, sustainable meat sources. As she sought out, and pored over, endless information regarding all aspects of the food industry, she and her husband, Joshua, developed a model for a different kind of butcher shop. That model was a hit, and soon it was repeated in cities and towns all across the nation. Jessica is a writer, a publicist, a public speaker, and always an advocate for righteous, delicious food.