Beef Brisket, Point Cut (Frozen)



Comes from:

Chest of the steer. This is the fatty part of the brisket, also known as the deckle.

Best cooking method:

This cut of brisket has a high ratio of fat to meat. The fat lends a lot of flavor, which makes it great for smoking and shredding into sandwiches.


This is a great cut to use if you grind your own hamburger at home.

Similar cuts:

Flat cut brisket, chuck roast, short ribs.

Ordering instructions:

The weight range options listed above are based on how much this cut usually weighs. We always recommend about 1/2 lb. of protein per person. If the available weight options are not enough to meet your recipe requirements, please use the selector on the right-hand side to choose multiples of this cut.

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