Beef Flap Steak (Frozen)


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Sirloin is an area of the animal – the hip. An inch over is the round (leg), which has very little fat. We sell several cuts with the name sirloin – top, tip, flap, sirloin for kebab.

Best cooking method:

This inexpensive steak has great grain and really good flavor. You can marinate it or not. Use the stovetop to oven method. Leftovers reheat well, which makes it great for many dishes. Or cut it up, stick it on a stick like yakitori, grill it, and serve with dipping sauces.


Order it whole if you’re having a party or otherwise feeding a crowd; it can be 4 to 5 pounds.

Similar cuts:

Hanger, skirt.

Ordering Instructions:

The weight range options listed above are based on how much this cut usually weighs. We always recommend about 1/2 lb. of meat per person. If the available weight options are not enough to meet your recipe requirements, please use the selector on the right-hand side to choose multiples of this cut.

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