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Beef Skirt Steak (Frozen)


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This muscle works in conjunction with the diaphragm.

Best cooking method:

Skirt is a really thin cut with a good amount of marbling and great flavor. You can marinate or just season it with salt and pepper. Because of how thin it is, it’s preferable to sear it on the stovetop. It may not even need to be transferred to the oven to finish. If you’re using it for fajitas or tacos, slice it into small strips.


Be careful if you’re going to grill a skirt; it’s very thin and might flare up. It’s also not great for leftovers. Reheating can make it rubbery. It’s best eaten cold.

Similar cuts:

Sirloin flap, hanger.

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The weight range options listed above are based on how much this cut usually weighs. We always recommend about 1/2 lb. of protein per person. If the available weight options are not enough to meet your recipe requirements, please use the selector on the right-hand side to choose multiples of this cut.

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