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Beef Soup Bones (Frozen)


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Comes from:

The knuckles.

Best cooking method:

These make the best soup and bone broth bones because they have a lot of collagen, which results in a thick stock or broth. If you like color in your broth, roast the bones fresh for an hour at 300 degrees. Then put them in a pot with water all the way to the top for a minimum of 8 hours.


If you add onions or herbs, that’s stock. If it’s just water, it’s broth. To read more about making broth, see our blog post on the topic. 

Similar cuts:

We sell other kinds of bones but these are the ones we suggest for soup, broth, or stock.

Ordering Instructions:

The weight range options listed above are based on how much this cut usually weighs. We always recommend about 1/2 lb. of protein per person and soup bones are usually sold in pre-portioned bags. If the available weight options are not enough to meet your recipe requirements, please use the selector on the right-hand side to choose multiples of this cut.

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