Boneless Pork Stew Chuck (Frozen)


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Comes from:

The shoulder.

Best cooking method:

This is our more marbled pork stew, cut into approximately 2″ cubes. It needs to be cooked on the stovetop, low and slow, or in a pressure cooker. To make pork stew, you’ll start with browning the cubes of pork and adding some liquid to stew. Follow your favorite recipe for specifics; there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to pork stew. 


You don’t always have to make a traditional stew. Keep in mind what pairs well with pork including herbs and root vegetables like parsnips.

Similar cuts:

Boston butt, picnic shoulder, country style ribs.

Ordering Instructions:

The weight range options listed above are based on how much this cut usually weighs. We always recommend about 1/2 lb. of protein per person. If the available weight options are not enough to meet your recipe requirements, please use the selector on the right-hand side to choose multiples of this cut.

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