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Lamb Roundbone Chop (Frozen)


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The shoulder.

Best cooking method:

Not all lamb chops can be cooked the same way. Some can be seared on the stovetop, others will need to be cooked slow and low. It just depends on how worked the muscle is; the loin is less worked than the shoulder. Roundbones are versatile but lesser known chops and they deserve more attention (here’s our blog post about them). They do well stewed – the low and slow heat breaks them down. But some people grill them, too. All that good fat does well with a char. Just make sure to use indirect heat to avoid flare ups


Roundbones are fatty. If you stew them, cool them in the fridge when they’re done, then remove the excess fat, and reheat before serving. 

Similar cuts:

Shoulder chops.

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