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Lamb Stew (Boneless)


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We cut lamb stew from several different parts of the animal, depending on the time of year and what else we’re cutting seasonally.

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Lamb stew is lean, yet full of flavor. You can cook most stew recipes interchangeably – bone-in or boneless. There are many ways to make a lamb stew. The basics are to season and brown the meat in a hot heavy (cast iron or enamel-covered cast iron is great) pot, add your preferred liquid and various vegetables, and then to let it cook low and slow. If you have a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, they also work well for lamb stew.


Play with the flavors you add – think Persian, Moroccan, Irish. Not sure if you want bone-in or boneless stew? Some people find the bones add depth to a stew, especially if you use water instead of stock as your liquid.

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