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Beef Tenderloin, Fresh


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On a four legged animal, the front and back legs do most of the work, the belly and the back are less used. The most underused muscle is the tenderloin.

Best cooking method:

Tenderloin is expensive so people get understandably worried about messing it up. To cook a whole tenderloin, consider the weight and follow a recipe for exact cooking times. A meat thermometer is never a bad idea.


Since there’s very little fat in tenderloin — and fat is flavor — some people wrap it in fat to cook it. This is a technique called barding. Google it! If you want individual portions, order small medallions and take care not to overcook them or under season them with salt.

Similar cuts:

Teres major.

Ordering Instructions:

We’re offering whole and half tenderloins.  We recommend ordering your tenderloin tied so that it will cook evenly.

A whole tenderloin weight varies from animal to animal but is generally between 3 and 4 pounds.

A half tenderloin could be the head or tail end.  It generally weighs between 1 and 2 pounds.

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